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Location Sound Package

The audio kit comes with everything you to capture audio on location. It features a shotgun mic and boom, lectrosonic wireless transmitters and receivers (best wireless audio in the industry), as well as a sound recordist bag and mixer. This audio kit is used for corporate videos, talking head videos, documentaries, and reality television.

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  • Porta Brace Mixer Bag & Shoulder Strap
  • Sound Devices 302 Audio Mixer
  • Lectrosonic UCR201 Mic Receiver (2x)
  • Lectrosonic UCR201 Mic Transmitter (2x)
  • Tram TR-50 Lav Mic (2x)
  • Shure SM58 Mic
  • Kustom KM-8 Uni Directional Mic
  • Sony On Board Mic
  • Sennheiser Boom Mic
  • KTEC Boom Handle
  • RYCOTE Mic Softie
  • PSC Break Snake 15 ft
  • Mic Cable 25ft (2x)
  • Mic Cable 6ft (2x)
  • XLR Mic to 5 Pin Adapter
  • Lectrosonic M-150 Lav Mics (2x)
  • Metal Boom Mic Holder
  • Small Plastic Mic Holder (2x)
  • Sony Studio Headphones (2x)
  • Mic Flags (2x)
  • Lectrosonics Mic Receiver AC Adapters (2x)
  • TRAM Lav Mic Accessories Pill Box (2x)
  • Sony 1-542-296 Electronic Condenser Mic (2x)
  • 3 Pin to 3 Pin Adapter
  • Pelican Case - Large