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Rent the ARRI ALEXA Mini, a compact, lightweight, self-contained, and versatile camera.

The symmetrical design permits filming in any orientation, including upside-down and in portrait mode. Designed with specialized rigs in mind, ALEXA Mini is light enough to be comfortably held at arm’s length in a hand rig, while its compact size also makes it ideal for tight shooting conditions, as well as underwater, aerial, car, action, and 3D shoots. It is a highly versatile tool on set.

With an ALEXA Mini you can literally shoot everywhere with the best image quality.

  • Stable in harsh environments from -20° to +45°C / -4° to +113°F
  • Sealed electronics
  • Non-condensing splash and dust-proof
  • Built-in motorized ND filters 0.6, 1.2, 2.1
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  • ARRI Alexa Mini Camera Body with 4:3 & ARRI Raw License Keys
  • ARRI Alexa Mini Viewfinder MVF-1 + 29" Cable
  • ARRI Alexa Mini MVB-1 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket
  • ARRI Alexa Mini MSB-1 Side Bracket (2)
  • ARRI Alexa Mini MAP-2 Adapter Plate with Rod Support (2)
  • Wooden Camera 15mm Rod - 12" - 2x Rods
  • ARRI Alexa Mini BPA-4 Bridge Plate Adapter
  • ARRI CCH-2 Center Camera Handle
  • ARRI Alexa Mini MAP-1 Lightweight Adapter Plate (2)
  • ARRI CSP-1 Shoulder Pad
  • Wooden Camera ARRI Alexa Mini A-Box
  • Wooden Camera D-Box (Alexa Mini, Gold Mount) Mod for D Tap
  • Wooden Camera Battery Swing
  • Wooden Camera 4-pin XLR to ARRI Alexa Mini Cable 10'
  • AbelCine Power Supply 15v, 201W (4-pin XLR output)
  • OSHA Cable 6'
  • Wooden Camera P-Tap to ARRI Alexa Mini Cable 16"
  • Wooden Camera Mini 4-pin XLR to Full 4-pin XLR Power Cable 8"
  • ARRI EXT-RS Adapter Cable
  • SanDisk Extreme Pro Cfast Reader/Writer USB 2.0/3.0
  • SanDisk Extreme PRO CFast 2.0 Memory Card 256GB (Optional)
  • Jason Case ARRI Alexa Mini Case