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Sachtler SpeedLock Carbon Fibre Tripod & 100mm Fluid Head

Sachtler CF Sticks & Head 100mm ball – Up to 32 lbs

Rent the Sachtler Speedlock Carbon Fiber Tripod & 100mm ball fluid head. Always be ready for action with the dual-extractible Sachtler Speed Lock CF. The three-step clamping system lets you set up with three quick movements and make secure adjustments even with your camera mounted. Lightweight carbon fiber construction improves stability and twist resistance while the clamping connector forms a third tube for increased resilience. Ergonomically rounded clamps ensure cables detach without snagging and make it easy to tell whether legs are clamped into place.

A versatile and reliable solution for both studio and location shooting, the double extension design gives you a maximum height of 150 cm. Capable of supporting a payload of up to 32 lbs, the Sachtler Speed Lock CF always helps you work fast and effectively.


  • Sachtler CF Sticks & Head 100mm ball up to 32lbs
  • Camera Base Plate (3/8-16 & 1/4-20 SS Low Head Screws)
  • Pan Handle
  • Mid Level Spreaders - Up to 32lbs
  • Sachtler Sticks Case

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