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OConnor Ultimate 2560 Fluid Head & Tripod

The OConnor Ultimate 2560 Fluid Head comes packaged with a 60L two-stage tripod system, Mitchell top plate, and floor spreader. Also included is a Mitchell base or 150mm ball base with tie-downs for expanded tripod compatibility. The fluid head is capable of supporting camera payloads up to 65 pounds at a 6″ center of gravity above the platform and offers a ± 90° tilt range. The 60L tripod weighs just 9 lbs and has a double extension design that is safe and stable while carrying payloads up to 209 lbs, even at its maximum height of 60.6″. The floor spreader holds the tripod legs in position, providing rigidity and stability to the overall system. Comes with your choice of the 150mm Ball Base & Tiedown or the Mitchell Mount Adapter & Tie Down.


  • OConnor Ultimate 2560 Fluid Head - Up to 65lbs
  • 150mm Ball Base & Tiedown
  • Mitchell Mount Adapter & Tie Down
  • Pan Handle
  • Euro Style Quick-Release Plate
  • Camera Base Plate + Screw 3/8 - 16 Screw
  • Jason Case OConnor 2560 Travel Case

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